Creative ways to Use NEVER the ROCK Photography Products

There are so many ways that Never the Rock Photography blank note cards, greeting cards and gift products can be a
source for bringing joy to so many people!

Purchase cards individually or in sets for your own personal use. The option to write your own message in the
Note Cards allows you to share the beauty with family and friends for every occasion... or no occasion at all! Use as
birthday cards, thank you notes, family announcements, holiday cards, condolences, sympathy cards, or as invitations
to wedding showers, graduation parties, anniversary parties, tea parties, retirement parties, birthday parties. All cards
are available individually or in boxed sets of 8.

Send to school teachers, piano teachers or Sunday school teachers; pastors, elders, church administrators, and
missionaries out in the field; grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, sisters, mothers; new
neighbors, old friends, relatives that have moved away, old classmates, and of course, best friends.

Assorted Boxed Note Card Sets make wonderful gifts for all of the occasions listed above and for almost everyone you
know. These boxed sets of 8 cards with white envelopes can come with a hand-tied black sheer ribbon, which are
great for a gift by itself or perfect for adding into a gift basket with other stationery products.

These products are also ideal for business relationships. Give cards or sets to bosses, co-workers, secretaries and
even clients. And don't forget, we can customize them for your company's correspondence as thank you notes,
follow-ups, and invitations or announcements. Just call us for details.

And what great gifts these make for our
Troops. Imagine a soldier receiving a set of cards displaying such a peaceful,
graceful image that they can use to correspond to their family. Imagine them having the opportunity to experience a little
bit of peace and hope while using the card to reach out to their loved ones at home.

If you have suggestions for products you'd like to see or have more ideas of how
Never the Rock Photography
products can benefit others, please
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