For many, winter is a time of busyness. After the holiday blur, the new year brings football, school projects, and resolutions of more fitness, better health, more time with family, and more faithful commitments to church activities. With fewer daylight hours, everyone seems to be trying to fit more into a shorter day, making every moment feel rushed.

This winter, I am trying to treasure the few moments of solace and quiet, and listen to the thoughts in my mind and heart. It takes an effort, but the rewards are plentiful. In the quiet, I can hear God’s word echo through the verses I’ve memorized. In the present moment I can think upon these verses and apply them to my life. That makes His Word effectual. Real. Meaningful.

Among my many prayers this year, I ask that more people are able to celebrate moments like these, and that God may bring them peace through that time of fellowship.

The Continuing Journey…

The month of October is special. Yes, it’s wonderful to smell the fresh cooling air, the colors remind us that a new season is approaching, and pumpkin spice is added to everything from coffee to ice cream. That’s special. However, October means more to me.

This month I celebrate my business anniversary. This year, my 10th. What a joy to look back on 10 years of service …fantastic marketing projects, exciting events, precious moments with wonderful people, … and friendships.  It has been a privilege to provide photos for special families, growing businesses and magazines, but the number of friendships I have enjoyed makes my job unlike any other.

I am so thankful for the business, thankful for the opportunity to serve, and extremely thankful for the relationships I have developed with so many. I’m looking forward to many more special Octobers, celebrating friendships.